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Canadian expert saw need to help investors
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Mr. Chartier
Daniel Chartier
Canadian expert saw need to help investors

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Daniel Chartier, a Canadian management expert, said he saw that in Costa Rica there was a lack of a real business consulting firm and saw many new investors losing their money because they didn’t know about the Costa Rican culture and the way of doing business here.

Chartier,with 13 years experience here, was well situated to help because he has a baccalaureate in business management from the H.E.C. University in Montreal. He is also was graduated in commercial and industrial business management from the College of Sherbrooke in Canada.

A spotlight on local firms

His experience is a mix of international project management, project estimator on the national and international market, dressing up companies and re-designing manufacturing companies in order to be more productive. He has a vast experience in customer service, and he is a professional negotiator.

He decided to create his own business consulting firm, Costacan S.A., to support and guide the foreign companies in all the procedures to install their operations in Costa Rica.

"Over the years, I saw many foreigners coming to Costa Rica with dreams and money," he said. "A lot of them left the country a few months or years after their arrival and went back home disappointed, frustrated and broke for trusting the wrong person."

"To start a business, we need to have contacts and experience in that domain,"said Chartier. "There are 14 steps to set up legally a company in Costa Rica, plus, the interaction with different parties in order to achieve the project in a short period of time."

"We established a full service for investors and corporate," he explained. "We work in parallel with the board of investment in Costa Rica, and we are the bridge between investors and  the interactive governmental or non-governmental institutes, real estate, free zone, attorneys, immigrations, telecommunications, customs, transportation, recruiting staff, banking, logistics, tax and accounting advisers, environmental advisers, construction companies and many more associated companies.
—Posted Feb. 17, 2011

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