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New digital service provides legal documents online
A service of A.M. Costa Rica

New digital service provides
legal documents online

By the CRBusiness staff

(May 3, 2011) The days of waiting in line at the Registro Nacional to obtain a  personería jurídica or other key documents is over. Garland Baker outlined in A.M. Costa Rica May 2 how the Registro has created a digital service to provide documents online with a computerized system to validate the paperwork.

The personaría juridica is a document issued by the Registro that specifies who can act on behalf of a corporation. Banks and other corporations seek a copy of such a document in order to do business with a company. For example, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad requires such a document in order to provide telephone service or to hook up a cell phone in the name of a corporation.

Other documents are available online, too. The link is, and registration is free. Payment is made via credit card. The document is issued in PDF format.

In the past, lawyers would charge up to $20 to create a personaría juridica. Such a document now costs walkins 1,300 colons at one of the eight Registro offices. Online the charge is slightly more, about  2,798.50, according to Baker.

The online document is good for just 15 days, but it can be printed and reprinted multiple times.. See the original story HERE!

Poker can tests your skills to do business

By H. Scott Vineberg*
Special to Costa Rica Business

If you can be a winner in poker, you can be a winner in life. There is a growing body of academic literature that suggests  motivation and decision-making can be enhanced by sports and games. Poker is one advocation that  requires a keen mind, the ability to read people and the capability to evaluate facts and make split-second decisions.

There are a lot of teem-building exercises. Top executives take their employees on camping trips, baseball games and even rock climbing.

A spotlight on local firms

But poker is not about team-building. It is about honing the desire to win even against working companions. For the trainer or executive, too, a game like Texas hold 'em can say a lot about the executive potential of employees. The same skills that let a poker champ rake in the chips are the same skills that enable a top salesperson to rake in the deals.

Unlike team exercises, poker makes every person accountable for their own decisions. And they are equals, all subject to the random  assortment of the playing cards. At the end, there is a sure way of  seeing who did well. Just count the chips.

*Mr.Vineberg is a principal at No limit Poker Club in the Hotel Palacio

—Published April 25, 2011

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